Dynamic tabs or dropdown list for the same view but different data

I have the following scenario and I’m not sure what is the best UX

I’m working on an android app where the user is a parent and they are viewing some data for their children (i.e. it’s the same view with the same components but with different data for each child)

Question: What is the easiest way to let parents choose between their children?

Someone suggested tabs where each child has his/her own tab, but I found this a bad UX, as we’re displaying the same view on different tabs, (I guess tabs is better for different view, right ?)

another suggestion was using spinner/dropdown list

The final one is to have a different view with the children list, and when the user chooses a child it redirects to the main view (this has a drawback if the parent switches a lot between the children they’ll be going back and forth a lot)

Is one of these the preferred method or is there a better way to do it?

EDIT here is a screenshot for an initial (uncomplete) prototype with tabs