Echo the number of users using WP_User_Query?

Ok, so right now I can easily echo the number of posts that has a specific meta_key and meta_value:

$  query = new WP_Query(      array(          'meta_key' => 'usp-custom-1',          'meta_value' => get_permalink()      )  );  echo $  query->found_posts; 

I’m trying to do something similar except for echoing the number of users that has a specific user_meta data.

I’m trying this:

$  query = new WP_User_Query(      array(           'meta_key' => 'cash_out_status',           'meta_value' => 'pending'      )  );  echo $  query->found_users; 

But the above doesn’t display anything.

I guess I’m making a mistake somewhere in the code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.