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Product Description
Mica powder is a non-metallic mineral containing a variety of components, mainly SiO2, a content of Al2O3. Mica powder has good elasticity and toughness. Insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and other characteristics, is an excellent additive. It is widely used in electrical appliances, welding electrodes, rubber, plastics, paper, paints, coatings, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials and other industries.
Quick Details
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jointcolor
Occasion: all seasons
Product name: mica powder
Ingredients: mica powder, titanium dioxide, ferrooxide
Application: cosmetic,crafts,decoration,Paint ,etc
Feature: Non-toxic
Color: Various color offerd
EINECS No.: 310-127-6
Supply capacity: 200Tons/ per Month
Payment: Western Union, T/T,L/C, e-Checking
1. Harmless to the human body, environmental protection
2. Good dispersion properties for aqueous and oily systems
3. Temperature resistance: 800鈩?Acid and alkali proof
4. Luster: Multiple reflection pearl luster
Mica powder pigment is non-toxic, high temperature and light resistance, also acid and alkali resistance, no electrical conductivity. It can be used in the paint, plastics, ink, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper-making, cosmetics and other industries.
Storage method
鈼?Store in sealed tank.
鈼?nbsp;Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, rain or heat.
鈼?nbsp;Prevent dust from contacting the goods.
鈼?nbsp;Please re-check the product before use to avoid any loss.
Factory advantage
1. Pre-sale consultant
We provide one-stop consulting service to customers who are interested in purchasing
2. Professional guidance
We have professional staff to guide the use of customers on a one-to-one basis
3. After-Sales service
Our extensive industry experience ensures that we provide our customers with a high level of service
4. The quality of the product
Production of quality products is our development philosophy.Our product quality is guaranteed by the authority, trusted by the users.
5. Network marketing
Our products not only occupy a certain market share in China, but also exported to Europe, America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, won the trust of users.
Synthetic Mica Powder Series Products
Pearl Grade Synthetic Mica Powder1YZ1-151-15渭mWhite Powder1000
2YZ5-255-25渭mWhite Powder800
3YZ10-3010-30umWhite Powder750
4YZ10-4010-40umWhite Powder700
5YZ10-5010-50umWhite Powder600
6YZ10-6010-60渭mWhite Powder600
7YZ15-6515-65渭mWhite Powder500
8YZ10-8010-80渭mWhite Powder500
9YZ20-8020-80渭mWhite Powder400
10YZ10-10010-100渭mWhite Powder250
11YZ20-10020-100渭mWhite Powder200
12YZ30-15030-150渭mWhite Powder200
13YZ40-16040-160渭mWhite Powder160
14YZ50-25050-250渭mWhite Powder100
15YZ60-35060-350渭mWhite Powder80
16YZ70-40070-400渭mWhite Powder60
17YZ70-70070-700渭mWhite Powder40
18YZ200-1000200-1000渭mWhite Powder20Effect Powder suppliers