Encounter rules while traveling in a caravan in Jade Regent campain

In the Jade campain book the caravan encounter rates are defined by chapter with the following kind of statements :

As the caravan travels north, there’s a 10% chance of an encounter each day. Encounters indicated with an asterisk have a 50% chance of occurring at night while the caravan is camped. All other encounters occur while the caravan is on the move. Encounters don’t occur if the caravan camps at a settlement. If an encounter occurs, roll on the following table to see what the PCs have encountered. Note that all of the following encounters are caravan encounters and use the caravan combat rules found online in the free Jade Regent Player’s Guide

What is not in bold is pretty straightforward, however I am struggling with the bold parts. If I read that straight, these rules would mean that each day I would roll for a 10% chance of an encounter (then pick the encounter from the encounter table of course). Then there would be, granted the party does not make camp near a city, an independent 50% chance that one encounter with an * would occur, that would mean that if multiple encounters were having an * symbol they all could occur at a single night!

I searched on the internet of course, but could not find this question asked. However I am more confused by a forum (did not save the source…) that stated that each day the 10% chance was cumulative (day 1 : 10%, day 2: 20%, etc) and was reset to 10% each time an encounter occured.

On the first chapter of the adventure I DM using my understanding of the rules, and it gave pretty lame results. Only one event occured during a ~14 days trip, resulting only in a bad weather. Also the night rule seemed pretty harsh regarding the fact that there were not so many settlements on the road.

According to you, how should I interpret those rules ? Please be aware that my native language is French and I could have missed important nuances in the text (also french rules are not helping to solve my question…).