Engulfed while Gust of Wind is in effect

Recently my party was exploring a dungeon when we were attacked. My druid cast Gust of Wind to drive some of the enemies back, but shortly afterwards was engulfed by a gelantinous cube.

What should happen in a situation like this?

I started to argue that I should still be able to control the wind blast from inside the cube, imagining that the wind emanates from a point nearby. But I checked the spell description and it says the wind "blasts from you," so that interpretation was out. (Presumably the wind emanates from at least a short distance beyond one’s body, or else one’s clothes would be blown off, but that doesn’t really help my case.)

The DM ruled that the spell was effectively nullified, which made me sad. I suppose the ruling was superficially reasonable, although it runs counter to the advice I often see here that effects do only what they say they do and no more, and it seems wrong to give the cube the extra benefit of a selective Dispel Magic or Antimagic Field when it engulfs someone.

I can think of a number of possible ways to approach the situation:

  • the victim has advantage on the check to avoid being engulfed
  • as above, and/or the victim can make additional checks on succeeding rounds to escape the cube
  • the cube must make an ad-hoc strength check to continue to restrain the victim
  • the victim is engulfed and suffers the effects as normal, but the wind keeps a hole open in front of the cube, continuing to affect those outside
  • the cube blows up like a soap bubble–perhaps one of those cubical bubbles that can be made with a special bubble wand

I rather doubt there are any rules-as-written to handle this situation, but then again I only own the Player’s Handbook, not the DMG. Is there a technically correct solution? If not, what might be the closest there is to one?