Entering Exact Values into a Table Using SQL

I am needing to insert particular values into a table I am working on with SQL (see function below):

INSERT INTO Table Name (…) VALUES(…);

The values that are going to be stored inside this table are values that involve another programming language that have a lot of weird symbols involving a single backslash, *, dollar signs, etc.

How can I insert values precisely as they are inside this table?

For instance, when I type ” it needs to return inside the table instead of just 2. I am unable to manually enter the two backslashes to get . This is because I am receiving an input from another user via HTML and sending it to my table with PHP. The issue I am having is that there are these special characters with SQL which are being entered in not the way I intend them to as values.

Is there a way to type these values in exactly with a certain string function that is called beforehand? Other ways of doing this would be greatly appreciated!