Epson XP-245 scanner driver for Ubuntu 18.04 on 64bit (x86_64)

When visiting and searching for device model “XP-245” and OS “Linux” the driver recommendations are

XP-243 245 247 … Printer Driver Linux 1.7.0 ESC/P-R Driver (generic driver) All language 07-25-2019
XP-243 245 247 … Printer Driver Linux 1.1.0 Epson Printer Utility All language 07-25-2019
XP-243 245 247 … Scanner Driver Linux 3.57.0 All-in-one package All language 07-25-2019

When following the download button hyperlink for the “Scanner Driver Linux”, accepting the license agreement and following the “Package Download Page” hyperlink one is redirected to .

For Ubuntu 18.04(LTS) there is only a 64bit(amd64), no 64bit(x86_64) package option. How can I get the scanner working? Some blog posts mention something that scanners are working with xsane, not with simple-scan. Is it possible to get the scanner working with simple-scan?

Side note: For the “ESC/P-R Driver (generic driver)” drivers there is a package option epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.7.0-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rpm which can be installed with alien. Printing works just fine.