Error al convertir fecha en sentencia SQL

Recibo este error

Mens. 241, Nivel 16, Estado 1, Línea 1 Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.

al ejecutar la siguiente consulta:

Select TOP 1 T2.Text12 AS DPI, T2.Name AS NAME, DATEADD(minute,-T1.MessageLocaleOffset,T1.MessageUTC) AS HORA_GMT FROM ACVSUJournal_00010002.dbo.ACVSUJournalLog T1 JOIN ACVSCore.Access.Personnel T2 ON T1.ObjectName1 = T2.Name where T1.MessageType = ‘CardAdmitted’ and T1.ObjectName2 = ‘APMTQ_E1’ and DATEADD(minute,-T1.MessageLocaleOffset,T1.MessageUTC) > ‘{0}’ order by T1.MessageUTC desc