error with automator applescript “do shell script” call (file not found) yet command line with same command works

I have a simple automator app that runs a simple script. It uses ssh to open a file on the local machine, MachineA, with an app on the remote machine, MachineB, and logs the ssh call.

on run {input, parameters}     repeat with fn in input         set fn to POSIX path of fn         set fn to "/Volumes/MachineA" & fn         set fn to "\"/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/ " & fn & "\""         set cmd to "ssh -x MachineB.local " & quoted form of fn         do shell script "echo " & cmd & " >> ~/cmd.log"         do shell script cmd     end repeat end run 

The log output is:

ssh -x MachineB.local "/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/ /Volumes/MachineA/Users/<USER>/Documents/<FOLDER>/<FILE>.pdf" 

When I use the app to open a file (drag & drop), an error is thrown.

error message

However, if I copy the output in the log file to the command line, success, the file is opened on the remote machine. Why the difference?