Escalating a Manual Review When Decided Incorrectly (College Put Under Addiction Services Policy)

I work for an online college that has been trying to create a display ad using the term “addiction counseling degree”.

This ad got automatically disapproved because it was claimed that they violated the “Addiction services” policy.

However, this policy only applies to organizations that provide addiction services like, “Clinical addiction treatment providers, recovery support services like sober living environments and mutual help organizations, lead generators or referral agencies for addiction services, crisis hotlines for drug and alcohol addiction” (see

We are not in that category; we are an accredited online university offering degrees in Addiction Counseling. Other colleges like Liberty University are running ads for Addiction Counseling degrees without having the LegitScripts certification that the healthcare form asks for.

I’ve tried to explain this to the Support team several times, but have had no success so far, by chat, email, or even when I talked to an agent by phone. They said that they approved it, but what I see is “eligible (limited)” and that a certificate is still needed in the US.

Since the main place we want to advertise is in the US, having the ad be “eligible (limited)” doesn’t fix the issue.

Does anyone have advice on how we could escalate this issue further, so that someone at Google would see that we are not prohibited by the Addiction services policy?