Establishing a data pipeline for SQL server

I have a case that includes different data collection points, data streaming, keeping logs and finally putting the meaningful data into a dashboard.

First of all the number 1st data collection point is the blockchain smart-contract events; how do I establish a streaming logic there? Because I need to write the event data constantly to my SQL database. I don’t know how to automatically write the events per 10 minutes per se to my database. To summarize, I need to write every triggered event in the smart-contract in the SQL database as fast as possible.

The second case is; I need to collect the user activity data from a frontend such as what that the user clicked first than did what and so on. The user logs from a web application should be collected periodically and automatically write to the SQL database as well.

For that matter what should I do, how do I establish a system like that? The data isn’t that big therefore I have considered using SQL server.

Thank you