Event listing, filtering events with search

I’m working on UI for an event listing website. I have a dilemma. I want to include filters, without making the user think they have to use the search bar.

I curently have something like this

  1. Event listing when search is not being used: enter image description here

  2. Event listing when search is being used enter image description here

Anyways, the problem is this:

When the user visits the site – the “Today” filter is set as default. There is no “All events” filter button available to the user (too many events to list).

However, when the user uses search – the “All events” filter appears and becomes active.

My logic is – if the user uses search – he is most likely interested in all the instances of the keyword (let’s say the user searches for a band – he most likely wants to know WHEN are they playing and less likely to answer if they are playing “today”).

  1. The problem is, would the user get confused because of the sudden apperiance of the “All events filter”.

  2. The second problem is: if the user is interested in “this month”. So he changes from “all events” to “this month”, and then wants to search for something else – should the search jump again on “all events” or stay on “this month”.