Expanding crafting and adding recipes

A note for the start, I am a new DM with not so much experience.

My party is far from a bigger city and running low on healing potions. One of my players has proficiency with the herbalism kit and asked me if he could collect the ingredients and brew a healing potion.

I like the idea behind it. I have similar experiences from computer games. For example I played an MMORPG online for quite a while, where you could choose a profession and on your adventures collect ingredients for your profession. If you had the recipes for them you could then craft items from these. Recipes also had to be found or bought somewhere.

So I looked up the rules but they are quite bare on this. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything states that given a herbalism kit, a common healing potion takes one workday to brew and 25 gp (also mentioned in the answers to this RPG.SE question: How does one craft Potions of Healing?). Not sure what the player is supposed to do with the gold. I doubt it is meant as an ingredient. Also the tree next to him doesn’t seem too interested in being turned into herbs.

So I looked online and found some homebrew guides like here and here. They do include rules for collecting herbs and recipes for combining them.

However for all I know that could be untested theory. Apparently it is not commonly used in campaigns. Why is that so? I am looking for experience with this kind of crafting. Have you done something similar in your campaign and how did it go?

What other good sources on this topic are out there? Is there maybe something from previous editions of D&D that I did not find?