Exporting revisions

I cloned a site with it’s complete WordPress DB 4 months ago.

After the clone hundreds of revisions have been made to the existing posts and new posts has been added to the original DB.

How can i extract these revisions and add them to the new DB’s pages/posts? Or export them in their entirety with all revision data?

Exporting the new posts created in the 4 month span is easy, just use the official export tool, and wordpress adds all new posts.

What it doesn’t do is add new revisions to existing posts, or transfer existing revision data to the new posts.

How can i export posts with their revision data, or export only revision data and add it to existing posts so they become up to date?

If this doesn’t exist wouldn’t it be possible create a plugin/query that import exports all posts and their revisions in a certain timespan?

Exporting with revisions shouldn’t be harder than also exporting all posts of type revision, and then importing those.

Exporting revisions from a timespan would look like:

get all posts of type revision from this timespan (or just all posts ),

get unique id of the post they are in relation to,

then on import add these revisions to the old posts by unique id or add them with their revisions.

Or is this not feasible since i haven’t found a solution yet?

The hard thing would be the unique identifier as far as i can see, figuring out what post the revision is in relation to in a new DB with possible changes in the ID key column.