External hard drive problem (unable to mount ext4 partition)

I have a problem with an external HDD. Last time I used it it worked properly. This time I’m not able to mount the partition where all my documents are located (it is the SATA hard drive from my old laptop). After I deleted the windows partitions it looks like this:

Disks utility

It looks like partition 4 and 5 are the same one, my old /home, but I don’t konw how to relocate it in order to mount/read the partition. Nautilus didn’t recognized it and GParted is unable to open it. I tried to record an

I tried to record an image of those two partitions. For partition 4 the size of the image is 1 kb :O and for partition 5 i didn’t have enough place.

Has anyone an idea to solve the problem and/or read/copy/recover the files? I’m using Ubuntu 18.04. I tried also from a live USB with Ubuntu 16.04. Thank you for your help.