Familiars and Skill Tricks

The rules for Familiars state that they use either the master’s skill ranks or their own, whichever is higher. However, skill tricks did not exist when these rules were written. If a master spends skill points to purchase Skill Tricks, is that the same as the master putting a "rank" into a skill trick that the Familiar can then also use?

For example, if the master has Swift Concentration and the feat Spell-Linked Familiar, can he give the familiar the Augment Familiar spell and allow the familiar to cast it on itself and concentrate on it as a swift action every round for as long as the familiar wants the spell to be active (or until it takes damage and fails a Concentration check)? Augment Familiar normally has a Duration of Concentration + 1 round per caster level. Or if that does not work (because the familiar does not have a familiar of its own to target), any other spell with a duration of Concentration?