Family and Friends Visa in Belgium, chances for approval?

and thank you for reading, I applied for friends and family visa for Belgium at the beginning of April, I would be arriving on June 22. I already have the plane tickets/ hotels booked and paid for. It’s taking a very long time to give me an answer. because my application got send to the immigration office in Brussels. and since it was at immigration it was considered as short term thus “tourist”. It also seems that my passport is in Belgium too ( don’t know why though). My question is how are the chances that I will be refused? Is there a chance I would be accepted but it would be too late to take my trip since my passport has to come back from Belgium?

For more information, I am from Jordan and I just finished my masters so no job, but I have money saved and my trip is funded by two parties who signed an obligation: a Belgian citizen and my family. I also have an invitation letter from the Belgian citizen, pictures of us together proving we actually know each other and proof of my applications for Ph.D.’s in Europe (as proof I won’t run away and mess up those chances).