Feat prereqs – Monstrous Mount

The prerequisites for Monstrous Mount say that it requires "…divine bond (mount), hunter’s bond (animal companion), or mount class feature with an effective druid level of 4."

The Hunter class is a hybrid of druid and ranger. It gains an animal companion, but it does not call this ability Hunter’s Bond. If a hunter character had an animal companion that they used as a mount, would it qualify for the prerequisites as written? I am asking for DM approval, but I was wondering if it was designed to be used this way. The idea is, I am a goblin hunter, and the concept is worg rider. I am already a level 4 hunter, and I planned to take the Monstrous Mount feat next level. I just noticed that the Hunter’s Bond is the name of the Ranger class ability rather than a generic description, and that the Animal Companion ability might not actually qualify for this feat, as it is not actually called "Hunter’s Bond". That said, it seems fitting for a hunter’s animal companion to be a "Hunter’s bond" even if the stat block just calls it "Animal companion".