Featured Snippets Not Picked By Google. Why?

We have added content in Tabular format in our website like Our Competitors are doing but these featured snippets are picked by Google but our Not. We are using react to develop our website? Is there any issue with our programming language our problem with our table placement.

Some Keywords Sample & Featured Snippets Picked By Google:
1. maldives honeymoon packages – https://www.thomascook.in/holidays/international-honeymoon-packages/maldives-honeymoon-destination enter image description here

  1. sri lanka tour packages – https://www.yatra.com/international-tour-packages/holidays-in-sri-lanka enter image description here

  2. mauritius honeymoon packages – https://www.thomascook.in/holidays/international-honeymoon-packages/mauritius-honeymoon-destination enter image description here

  3. goa tour package – https://www.makemytrip.com/holidays-india/goa-travel-packages.html enter image description here

Our URL For Same Keywords Targeting are mentioned below: