Firefox reports every https as unsecure in windows 7 for standard user

I started with looking at this this post as I have exactly the same issue.

But I am not on a company network, after a proxy or anything special. I am at home with three computer where Firefox works on all of them.

The error only appears for a new user I just created. The only difference with all other accounts is that the user is a ‘standard’ user. (It will be my “Poor Old Grey-haired Daddy” in a care home so I want to protect the computer from accidental mistakes).

If I login using my own account (I have administrator privileges) it all works fine. This suggest that kaspersky is not an issue but I tried with that disabled anyway and still got the same issue.

Details: Windows-7, on a Dell laptop with Kaspersky, Firefox 67.0 (32 bit).

If all else fails I have to make him use Chrome or IE but I know where all the Firefox buttons and settings are so it makes it easier for ‘telephone help-desking’.