[ Football (American) ] Open Question : Okay, Kareem Hunt hit that girl but she hit him first. Did he really deserve to be put on the exempt list and dropped from Chiefs?

As a Woman I don’t get how other Women think that they can hit a Man and not expect him as a fellow Human Being to defend himself. Animal Abuser and Dog Fighting Ringleader Michael Vick not only got his job as QB back but was allowed to host a sports broadcasting program. Unacceptable. In the Ray Rice case the same thing happened to which she admitted and asked for Rice not to be charged even but still the public court of opinion took over. Law Enforcement even declined to charge Kareem Hunt with battery because the facts did not support it. Gender Equality really means Gender Equality and people do not get it. Ultimately, the always lowly performing Chiefs will regret this move of releasing prodigy running back Hunt who is the top RB in the league at such a young age. What do you think? Will New York Jets GMs have the reasoning and empathy to pick him up?