For email marketing, is it worth renting a VPS when you can just create your own server? [closed]

I’m trying to understand whether or not to use a VPS or a raspberry pi as a server for email marketing. It sounds like the options are:

  1. Renting a VPS (server), renting AWS SES (SMTP server) & using Mautic (bulk-emailing software)
  2. Using a raspberry pi (server), renting AWS SES & using Mautic
  3. Using a raspberry pi, installing Postfix (or Postal?) & using Mautic

I know there are other options out there for SMTP servers other than AWS SES (e.g. SendInBlue, MailGun, etc) and Mautic (e.g. SendBlaster, MailWizz, etc), but for argument’s sake I just picked SES & Mautic.

What I’m trying to understand is why do people rent a VPS rather than just using their own server (like a pi or similar)? I assume a VPS is better for overcoming power outages, internet issues, etc, but would the email’s IP reputation be affected and security jeopardised if option 2 was chosen? And am I right in assuming that the email’s IP is stronger using AWS SES than using Postfix/Postal?

Any advice would be great, especially detailing the advantages and disadvantages or all 3 options. Thank you.