Force “rooted” fullscreen windows to be unrooted

(Don’t just tell me to Google this, it thinks I am asking about Android)

On macOS, to my knowledge, there are currently two “types” of fullscreen applications. The “unrooted” one is used by many productivity applications (e.g. browsers) and a small amount of games (e.g. KSP). It is triggered under most circumstances by the green button in the left-top corner of the window. This type supports Mission Control, Dock, and many overlays as well. The “rooted” one is used by many games (e.g. SC2) and nearly no productivity apps (none to my knowledge). These are fullscreen’d on startup and can sometimes be windowed using ⌘+M, and do not respect Mission Control, Dock, and overlays at all.

I have a poorly ported (from Windows) app that either runs in a window which cannot be fullscreen’d, or the “rooted” fullscreen window. I want to use Mission Control to switch between apps while using this in fullscreen, because it has terrible resolution on windowed.

Is there any workaround or wrapper for this problem?