Format new parition of drive with xfs version 4 in Linux

I am working on an arcade machine and it cannot be updated unfortunately. A drive has corrupted data on it and in order to delete it I need to re-partition that drive. (I know it’s the data and not the drive because I have used dd to clone the partition onto another drive and the data can still not be removed with rm -rf /folder)

In order to fix this I need to do mkfs.xfs but I need to set the version. When just using mkfs.xfs it sets it to 5 automatically.

Reading though the documentation on mkfs.xfs I see no way to change the version.

I am looking any solutions, I can use slax, ubuntu or redhat to solve this. (I currently have machines with all 3)

xfs_db tells me the version is V4,NLINK,ALIGN,DIRV2