Free embedded database with EF & async I/O support

I’m looking for a free embedded database that has async I/O support to be used in a desktop (C#/.NET, WPF) application. I’ll be using the Entity Framework Core ORM so a suitable provider also is required.

I did some research and so far it seems like these are my options:

  • Sqlite
  • Firebird
  • SQL Server Compact 4.0 (Dead?)

Are there any more options that are preferably free? There’s also MySQL but I think the embedded version is not free?

I’m currently considering Sqlite as it’s a popular and (I think) being actively developed so we will not be stuck with a deprecated piece of technology when moving forward with our application, but it doesn’t seem to have async I/O support, which would be really nice to have to avoid blocking the UI thread.

Forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong site, I figured I’d find more informed people here than in the Software Recommendations site. Thank you!

PS: Here’s a list of EF Core providers from Microsoft, but I don’t know if it’s exhaustive.