Galders speedy courier, definition of “mineral goods”

The 4th level spell, ‘Galder’s Speedy Courier’, has the following material component cost: (25 gold pieces, or mineral goods of equivalent value, which the spell consumes)

I assume we can agree that "mineral goods" falls under the category ‘object’ as defined here What is considered an object?

My questions:

  1. Is there a clear definition in 5e, of what the term "mineral goods" encompasses, or is it perhaps possible to extrapolate a definition?

  2. Which of the following examples, then qualifies as acceptable material casting components? 25gp worth of:



Swords? (Enough of them, so that the raw amount of iron equals 25gp worth)

A copper statue? (A raw amount of copper that equals 25gp worth, ignoring its artistic value)

A somewhat heavy gold necklace?

A big pile of gold rings?

Gems and salt seem obviously acceptable. But would using swords, statues or jewelry qualify?