Generic Enum as Type [closed]

Are generic types of enum possible in C#? I’m trying to do something like this:

// in LevelManager.cs script public class LevelManager<T>  where T : struct {     public T something; }  // in enum script (name to be changed accordingly) public enum Level { A,B,C }  // in LevelManager2.cs public class LevelManager2<Level> : LevelManager<Level>{} 

I’m asking this question mainly because the implementation for the generic class LevelManager will be hidden away in an assembly. Hence, I have to rely on something the next person would code the enum Level in. I also get this error in my test script: pic

Alternatively, I could opt for a string based method where the string is the key and I’ll have a Dictionary<string,int>. But that would require a rewriting of my entire script

Any help on how to retain an enum like structure?