Generic update of “normal” columns with data from JSON

I am trying to do a "generic" insert/update of table columns using JSON. There are tons of info how to update a JSON column, but I have found none that updates several normal columns in a table generic.

Insert columns with JSON data works

This works as I understand it in a generic way:

INSERT INTO inputtable SELECT * FROM json_populate_record (NULL::inputtable,     '{       "id": "0",       "name": "orkb type foo examples tutorials orkb",       "sum": 5743,       "float_col": 94.55681687716474     }' ); 


Update columns with JSON data?

There are examples of "non-generic" update using JSON, but I am searching for a "generic" solution. In my dreams it should work as this pseudo code:

with data as ( select * from json_each_text(     '{       "id": "0",       "name": "orkb type foo examples tutorials orkb",       "sum": 5743,       "float_col": 95     }') ) update inputtable set = (select * from data) where id=0 

Is this possible to do? If it is, how do I do this?