Genesis Examples

Are there any published sources that describe specifics of what one wizard’s demiplane generated through Genesis might look like? The spell is so open-ended, it would be nice to see a published example of this.

For sources, I would prefer something published by WotC, but third party would work. Adventure paths are acceptable. 3.5 is preferable, although Pathfinder 1e is also acceptable.

My player is interested in creating a demiplane where the party will set up a stronghold, and I would like some examples to work with. I understand that I set the limits for what is possible, but reading the description for a concrete example or two would be excellent.

I saw the discussions here:

What are the limits to Genesis Power? How does a PC make a permanent extradimensional space?

But neither of these offer any source materials for concrete examples. It may be that no published examples exist. I cannot think of one that I have seen, and I have read a lot of the 3.5 materials.