Getting SP list item versions in Powershell doesn’t work

I’ve used PowerShell code similar to this Reference which gets a SP list and iterates thru the items (note that I use PnP). This works fine except that the loop that gets versions of list items doesn’t execute at all b/c the Versions member doesn’t seem to exist. I’m sure there is version info. I’m using SP 2013. Any ideas appreciated!

Connect-PnPOnline –Url "http://MyServer/MySite" –Credentials (Get-Credential) $  ItemsColl = (Get-PnPListItem -List "MySPList")  #Loop through each item foreach ($  item in $  ItemsColl) {     write-host $  ($  item["MyFieldName"])      # WORKS FINE!      #Iterate each version        foreach($  version in $  item.Versions) # FAILS! THIS OBJECT IS ALWAYS NULL (ALTHOUGH VERSIONS DO EXIST ON THIS SITE/LIST) SO LOOP DOESN'T EXECUTE.     {          write-host $  ($  version.VersionLabel)     } }