Ghana Email List

These are the type of emails received where unsuspecting individuals have been conned out of thousands of dollars expecting to receive something greater in return. Ghana Email List Unfortunately, email fraud is growing at such an alarming rate that it is of great importance that the public be informed and be on guard to recognize these tactics that are used.

In this first example the fraud is being put into place with a caption of: Attention: Beneficiary, this is to give you an idea of one way that you may be approached. It may follow with a story line similar to this.
This is to bring to your notice that we have been having a meeting for a very lengthy time since the 2nd day of November, 2010 with top United Nations Big wigs in Accra-Ghana liaison office. During the last U.N. meetings held in Republic of Ghana, it was very alarming to find that so much of the world has lost reasonable amounts of cash and properties as a result of Scams Artists, Hurricane Wind, Tornado, Earth Quakes Flood and Oil Spillage.
[Image: Ghana-Email-List.png]
In order to compensate these victims of disaster, The United Nations Rehabilitation Department is now paying 521 victims that suffered from any of those hard luck events the sum of $10.3M Dollars each in accordance with the U.N recommendations. We have mandated Dr._______ from National West Bank Plc London, to guide you and make sure that you receive the Sum of $10.3M Dollars. You are therefore advised to contact Your Payment Officer Dr.