Google Blogger Title Article & Chapter Notation – Find All Chapters or Just One?

I am using a custom .com domain with Blogger so my site appears as regular web site. I have not modified the search code.

Some of larger articles will be divided into multiple chapters. I don’t wish to insert the standard “Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3” into the title. I wish to use a simple notation system for each article and chapter within the title.

I am having problems coming up with a scheme that will allow the user to search for all chapters within an article or just one chapter.


5 denotes the article number and the second digit denotes the chapter. If the user searches for 5p it produces no results whereas I want them to find all the parts. Searching for individual chapters such as 5p1 works.

5p1 5p2 5p3


5p-1 5p-2 5p-3

If user searches for 5p- it returns all of the articles. If the user searches for 5p-1 or 5p-3 it shows 5p-1 and 5p-3. If the user searches for 5p-2 it shows all three chapters.

I’ve tried various combinations in the title and have read several articles about Google ignoring punctuation and other special characters.

Any ideas?