Google DNS cannot ping my web server [closed]

I have manually set my local pc to run on DNS Server ( I have gone into my godaddy account and pointed my a record to point to the external ip address of my server. And changed my Forward Lookup Zones in my DNS Manager to point to my internal ip address, and my server name. When I run:

nslookup >set type=soa > 

It returns

primary name server = "" //default godaddy name server

responsible mail ddr = "" //default godaddy

then displays the serial number, refresh, TTL, etc.

But when I ping it shows my external ip address, but Request timed out. All packets are lost.

From what I understand, which could be wrong… Everything seems to be correct but cannot ping my website. My understanding is that should check for the primary name server which is the godaddy default name server (, then it will be pointed to my external ip address ( and my forward lookup zones will direct it to my internal ip address of the server(10.0.xx.xx).

In DNS Manager under Forward Lookup Zones I specifically have under SOA Primary Server set to my server name. Under Name Servers my Server Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) set to with the IP Address set to the ip address of my server (10.0.xx.xx). Under A record Host is set to (same as parent folder), Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) set to and IP Address set to my server ip address (10.0.xx.xx).

Am I completely wrong about this? And should I change any of my Forward Lookup Zone information?

Edit: This is a server hosted through a local network. The person who set up the server tells me that http and https traffic is allowed and there are no rules denying that traffic. I have verified with him that the firewall allows ports 443 and 80 to direct traffic to the internal ip address (10.0.xx.xx). Which is where I thought that the Forward Lookup Zones would come into play.