Google refuses to rank a page titled with US trademark

The following page is indexed but for searches of “DirectCore” does not show (replace “example” with “signalogic”):

There are 14 pages of search results, mostly e-commerce results for fishing line, but not for the software product that is actually named DirectCore. Clicking on “search with omitted results included” shows the page. Searching on “DirectCore software” shows the page.

DirectCore is a registered trademark. DirectCore software is a network infrastructure product deployed by carriers and LEAs in telecom related applications, and in fact is used by Google indirectly (through their Google Fi and voice applications). There can be no doubt the product is valuable, and has an indexed, descriptive, accurate web page based on 100% original content.

I posted this question on Google’s webmaster support forum, but the thread quickly got hijacked about non-related 404 issues. Not the first time that’s happened. They are not Google employees, and although they try to be helpful (and in many cases are), they can also go off the rails.

Does anyone know another way of contacting Google tech support to fix such an issue ? I assume there is not a legitimate, legal way for me to beat down 14 pages of fishing line search results, but maybe there is ? Thanks.