Google shows IP instead of domain

I’ve tried breaking my problem down into some smaller stuff that I asked here but I couldn’t figure it out so I am looking for a complete solution now. Google is showing my website’s IP address instead of my domain. Since it is https, I can’t redirect to my domain because the certificate check fails before a redirect can be made. I have already redirected http ip address to my domain. How do I make my domain show up instead of IP address?

From google search console everything seems to be ok for my domain: the last crawl was a day ago, indexing and crawling is allowed, and it is the google selected canonical.

If I search, it shows up on google but not bing. I only care about google though, but I am a little worried about why it doesn’t show up on bing.

There is a pretty similar-title question but the issue was due to redirecting to the IP from domain, which I am not doing.

I can provide my IP and domain if you want but I’m scared this will be deleted for being self promotional.