Google’s Play Asset Delivery Build aab File in Unity too large

I want to upload an aab file from my unity project to my play console account, but unfortunately, my file was rejected because it’s size is larger than the 150MB threshold limit for aab on google play store.

Then while looking for a solution, I found out that obb files are now made obsolete and I could use google’s Play Asset Delivery system to upload my file. So then I followed the "not so clear" instructions on how to use the PAD system in Unity, I made an asset bundle that contains all my font asset(because that was what increased my aab from 120MB to 260MB), and added it to the Asset Delivery Settings in Unity and selected "Separate Base APK Asset". Then I built the aab file using PAD(by clicking Google > Build Android App Bundle), and my generated aab went from 260MB to 680MB.

Why did the size increase enormously? Isn’t the point of it to reduce the size on the aab so that it can be accepted by play? Am I missing something or have I done something wrong?