GPG Questions About Exporting Subkeys to File

GPG novice here so please bear with me.

From what I understand, when you generate a keypair with GPG it will automatically create a subkey pair (sub, ssb).

If I wanted to give these to another party where they could encrypt messages with the public subkey (sub), and send messages over HTTP/REST so I can decrypt with the sub private key (ssb) and sign with the subkey, would all I need to do is just export these keys and use the keys when decrypting or signing programatically?

The main point of the question is if what i explained above is correct, I am unsure of how to export just the subkey pair to file in plain text (aka beginning with —-BEGIN PGP PRIVATE/PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–). if this is not the case, I would like to be pointed in the right direction

Would the master key (SC) ever come into play in this flow? Is it possible to just do the flow with just the subkeys.

Thank you in advance.