GraphQL – Should I expose link tables?

I am experimenting with converting an API to GraphQL, and I have a database that has many-to-many relationships that are stored via link tables; something like this:

CREATE TABLE accounts (   id int,   last_name varchar,   first_name varchar );  CREATE TABLE files (   id int,   content varchar,   name varchar );  CREATE TABLE account_file_links (   id int,   account_id varchar,   file_id varchar,   can_edit tinyint,   FOREIGN KEY (account_id) REFERENCES accounts(id)   FOREIGN KEY (file_id) REFERENCES files(id) ); 

I am wondering if I should be exposing these links as they’re own types in the GraphQL schema or not. When I think of my database as a graph, the nodes are the accounts and the reports, while the edges would be the account_file_links. There are attributes present on the link (in this example, the can_edit property) that need to be presented to the API consumers.