GRUB customizer changes appearance but not in the right way

I changed background image and font styles as shown below in the GRUB customizer. My default bootloader is Windows, so when I have to get into Ubuntu I have to click on Ubuntu part and get in. So when I get into Ubuntu, the PC restarts agian, doesn’t boot straight to Ubuntu rather goes into GRUB and I have to select Ubuntu from there. The thing is, the GRUB here, even after the customizing, changes it’s looks but not in a good way. The border of the GRUB is “?” marked, like, the way you make a square with “?” mark. Font style not same, huge fonts, not 12 of size pretty sure, black background, no images, completely ordinary black and white GRUB menu. This is the picture of how I changed my GRUB looks, in the picture. This does not change the appearance rather makes the GRUB black and white and ugly. I have hit save, tried sudo update-grub, terminal picks up the background picture as well. Keep in mind my picture is not in the /boot folder.The image of my changes in GRUB customizer