GSA performance Down ?

i have seeing recently GSA performance down (After recent 2-3 update)  

main thing i saw when i setup tread  300 but only run 100-200 tread, tread are changing every seconds even though i used verified urls.   before i could ran 500-1000 tread without any issue. normally i use 300 tread (so it was 300 running 300 tread without changing issue. gsa doent use resource that available on server like before/

also some times it seems not add verified urls to verified list. also if i had 1500+ unique domain urls on verified list it only use 1000 at the end. but if i used those urls direct important and run the campaign it works fines. seems problem on getting urls from verified urls list. 

i havent done any change the setting i used before or now. but those issue seeing recenlty. plz update me if some one facing same related issue. 

also check the video here