GSA SER Verified Site List For 1 Year for $30

Grab Monthly Updated 2019 GSA Linklist For 12 Months And Pay Only Onetime Fee + Get Past GSA Lists For Free Usually list sellers just sell you a linklist which expires after few days only. We built this service to provide users with fresh lists each month. We build a database where we keep adding links from Hrefer and Scrapebox. We use GSA to identify them and submit links. We store all raw sites, verified sites and non-verified sites on our database. We build these lists using Hrefer, Scrapebox and GSA ser. We also run GSA to independently build links to another project. This way we get more backlinks in same amount of time. We only use dedicated proxies and Captcha sniper to build these lists. You can use GSA captcha breaker too as both these tools use same technology to break captchas. We reset each tool (Hrefer, Scrapebox, GSA) each month to build fresh backlinks. This way you don’t get outdated backlinks. In this offer you will get access to 12 month GSA linklist (updated monthly and compiled into one list) and you will pay for 2 months only i.e. $ 50 for 12 month updated linklist from your time of purchase. So if you buy in August 2019 you will get all 12 lists till August 2020. Plus you will get access to past month files too (we have been building lists since 2017 Dec so you will get past month list for free. Hence a total of 16 lists which are monthly updated) Please note that this is not a daily updated linklist service. We scrape lists for our own projects, build links and then store the URLs in a file and then upload it once a month on our website. You won’t be getting any daily updates but a download link for each month’s list.

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