Hacker for Hire services? [closed]

I think sometimes it is best to look into different research scheme , get information on which is the best place to get this programmer guys , I was once a victim and I vowed never to contact again . I work in a place where we do mostly marketing and I always like to get information by any means . My colleague in the office was always was always having treasures and most customers , I kept wondering how , until we had lunch together sometime , I asked him whats up with that . They only thing I heard was , He uses the services of Greyhatzhackers to gain access to emails of competitors , and then he gives their customers a better deal ( and that was it ) It sounded strange and weird to me until I gave it is a shot . haha He told me that all I needed to do was add ATGmaiilDOTco m to their name and I should be able to get with them . I was scared because I know most times these things are illegal but 2 weeks later , this is me now smiling and getting more customers too . haha God bless this hacker guys . lol