Handling extensive in-system travel

I’m going to run a campaign that spends a significant time in a system with no jump capability. The players will be similarly limited.

This means that for most of the time they are going to travel between celestial objects in this one system. In system travel seems to be covered rather briefly by the core books. It seems to me that the idea is that you arrive 100D from where you want to be and travel in a direct line with a flip and burn strategy.

Since the focus for several sessions will be this system, I’m looking to give it a more realistic feeling of having celestial objects actually orbiting the star, which in turn should make objects change position relative to each other. And I would like to be able to have travel not be a matter of pointing the nose of the ship in the direction of where you want to be and hitting the throttle. As I understand it, in space you would increase your orbit until you reached escape velocity and then maybe do a braking burn to enter the new orbit around a different object.

The perfect answer is a reference to a book or text that provide a RPG system that solves this, but it is also an acceptable answer to explain how you have handled this in the past and/or what is the Traveller tradition of handling this.