Handling multiple JavaScript classes that lead back to one

I have a simple JavaScript RPG that has the main Player() class. From there, I’m thinking of having multiple classes for Inventory() and Wear(), Levels() on its main constructor. Not extending it perse… but see below.

For example, I have:

class Player {     constructor(uuid) {         this.uuid = uuid;         this.name = 'PLAYER_ONE';         this.inventory = new Inventory(uuid)     } }  class Inventory {     constructor(uuid) {         this.uuid = uuid;     }      add() {         console.log(`Adding to player's inventory for UUID: $  {this.uuid}`);     } }  let player = new Player('58f31e8c30f75'); player.inventory.add(); 

Which simply adds an item to the player’s inventory. Why would I not extend this? Because I won’t be doing new Inventory() every time I need to call it. (Is that bad practice?) So I just create the new Inventory() class upon the first initialization of the Player() class.

Do you think this is the right way of going about things? Is there a better way?