Hangman game with Python 3

I tried to create a “guess the word” game. I would appreciate to get some suggestion to improve myself, cause I’m new at Python. Thank you all !

from random_word import RandomWords import random from translate import Translator import time import sys  def hangman():     SENTINEL = 1        lang = input('What language do you choose?\nit, es, en, etc..\n>: ')     while SENTINEL == 1:         hints = 3         answers = {'Yes':1, 'No':0}         source = RandomWords()         word = source.get_random_word()          translator= Translator(to_lang = lang)      #translates every word to a choosen language         itWord = translator.translate(word).lower()         print('Hello everybody and Welcome to the hangman game! Try guessing the right word before finishing your possibilities!')         time.sleep(1)         #I added time sleep just for slowing some parts         print('Ready?')         time.sleep(1)         print('Go')         time.sleep(1)         lenght = len(itWord) + 1       #get the lenght of the picked word         choice = int(lenght*(3/2))     #possibilities depend by the word lenght         showIt = '_'*(lenght-1)             newIt = show_it(showIt)         showIt = list(newIt.split())   #creates a list that can be modified easier         choices = []                   #creates an empty list that has to be filled with the used letters/words         print('The word has lenght', lenght,'.\nYou can call the list of used          letters by writing "list", exit from the game by writing "exit", or          try to guess the word, by writing first "guess"')         print('Write "help" to get some hints: but you have just 3 of it!')         while choice >= 1:             old = choice              #preserves the remained chances             time.sleep(1)             print('You have', choice,  'possibilities and', hints,'hints. Try              it up!\n', newIt)             guess = (input('>: ')).lower()             if guess == 'help':       #help is needed to get hints                 if hints == 0:                     print('Sorry, you don\'t have anymore hints')                     continue                 else:                     guess = random.choice(itWord)                      while guess in newIt:       #this is needed to get a letter that was not choosen                         guess = random.choice(itWord)                 hints -= 1          #decreases the number of hints             if guess in choices:    #checks if the guessed letter was not choosen yet                 print('You\'ve already used this letter/word. Please choose                  another one')                  continue             else:                 try:                      if len(guess) == 1 :                         if hints == 3 : choices.append(guess)     #it adds just the letter guessed by the user and not randomly picked  by the game                     elif guess != 'help' and guess != 'exit' and guess !=                     'guess' and guess != 'list': raise ValueError                 except ValueError:                     print('Please choose a letter, not a word')                     continue                 if guess == 'list':    #needed to get the list of words/letters used                     print(choices)                     time.sleep(1)                     continue                 elif guess == 'exit': sys.exit(print('Thanks for the game')) """this closes the game"""                 elif guess == 'guess': #this option is for trying guessing the entire word                     guess = input('>: ')                     if guess == itWord: #if the word is right it puts choice to 0 to go through the next while loop(But the choice value is preserved in the 'old' variable seen before)                         newIt = guess                         print('You did it!')                         choice = 0                     else:     #if the word is not right it decreases the possibility                         print('No way, retry')                         choice -= 1                         continue                 elif guess in itWord.lower(): #if the guessed letter belongs to the randomly picked word, the program gets the index of the letter in it, the number of it and replaces the guessed letter in the right place of the showIt list                     index = itWord.index(guess)                     lettCount = itWord.count(guess) - 1                     showIt[index] = guess                     while lettCount != 0: #if there is more than one guessed letter in the randomly picked word, the program does the same thing as before for all of them                         index = itWord.index(guess, index +1)                         showIt[index] = guess                         lettCount -= 1                     newIt = show_it(showIt)                 else:                     time.sleep(1)                     print('Sorry, you wrong. Retry!')                     choice -= 1                 if '_' not in newIt:                      #This removes all the spaces in newIt                     newIt = remove_spaces(newIt)                     print('All right, you found the word!', newIt.lower())                     choice = 0                 while choice == 0 :                 #the old variable preserves all remained possibilities. The different answers depends by old value                     time.sleep(1)                     if old == 0: print('Sorry, you used all your                      possibility')                      time.sleep(1)                     print('Do you want to restart the game?\n Yes/No')                     choose = input('>: ').capitalize()                     #from this point on, the user has the opportunity to restart the game with the previous word(if not guessed) or not, or close it                     try:                         SENTINEL = answers[choose]                         if SENTINEL == 1:                             print('Do you want to use the previous word?\n                              Yes/No')                             choose = input('>: ').capitalize()                             if choose == 'Yes':                                 choice = int(lenght*(3/2))                                 choices.clear()                             elif choose == 'No': choice, SENTINEL = -1, 1                         else: SENTINEL, choice = 0, -1                     except KeyError:                         print('Please, insert a correct answer')                         choice = 0     sys.exit(print('Thanks for the game'))      def show_it(word1):      #The function creates dashes format like _ _ _     newIt = ''     for x in word1: newIt = newIt + x + ' '     newIt = newIt.rstrip(' ')     return newIt  def remove_spaces(word):     string = ''     for x in word:         if x != ' ': string += x     return string