Have any of the designers of D&D explained why Strength increases Hit Chance?

This is a personal bias, but when I think high strength score, the imagery I get is:

Bill Kazmaier

When it comes to accuracy of a muscle-bound and bulky person, the imagery I get is:

Ali Bobbing and Weaving

Bruce Lee had stated he didn’t want to have overly bulky muscles because it would affect his agility and accuracy. He did believe in weight training to make his muscles more dense, but that mostly was for grip and striking force.1

I started playing with AD&D 2nd Edition, and even back then an 18 strength gave you +1 Hit and +2 to damage.

Have any D&D developers given any reasoning for why the Strength score, specifically, gives a bonus to hit?

As I recall, being big and strong doesn’t actually help you hit a baseball, but may help you in making that ball you hit a home run.

1 Bruce Lee explains this throughout the Tao of Jeet Kune Do.