Have to Power Boot Twice to Load Lubuntu 18.04 on old 32-bit Dell Laptop

I have an old, 32-bit Dell Inspiron 1505 laptop that had been running an earlier version Lubuntu. I recently installed Lubuntu 18.04 and it initially worked. Then, following a major software update to that re-installation (45 minutes), an unusual boot problem occurred. Problem Statement • Press power button once: Dell splash screen > brief flash of dim background light > Grub menu appears > screen remains black for as long as I let it sit there, but the power indicator light remains ON. So power is on but with a black screen. • Press and hold power button: brief flash of dim background light > power goes OFF. Power indicator light OFF. No power to the laptop. • Press power button a 2nd time: Dell splash Screen > Grub Menu > blinking cursor > /dev/sda1/ recovering journal, followed by a minute of messages for starting various services and modules > Lubuntu desktop opens. Power light ON, hard drive light OFF, until I open a browser; then the hhd light turns ON. • So, I am able to access the GRUB menu on the 2nd power boot and open Lubuntu • I can boot from either the USB or DVD options, and from a Live DVD USB or disk Actions Taken so far: • I have run ‘Boot Repair Disk’ twice. I have posted its report at http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WZdNGXKWzG for further info. • If it matters, the battery on this laptop is no longer taking a charge. • I have run MemTest+86 and hard drive S.M.A.R.T. tests, and they show no errors • Sda1 is using the ext4 file format. I have researched this problem and identified several potential solutions: 1. Edit Grub file and replace ‘quiet splash’ with nomodset 2. Use a different kernel (I only have 1 on the Grub menu) 3. Disconnect a USB mouse (didn’t help) 4. Substitue gdm for lightdgm as default log in manager (how to do this?) 5. Boot into a recovery mode and run fsck 6. Examine the /var/log/dpkg.log for errors 7. I have read there is a bug with Lubuntu 18.04 on 32-bit systems So if Grub menu works, power to the laptop is on (on 2nd power button), and hardware is not an issue (hhd and RAM tested good), then at what point does this boot problem occur, what does ‘recovering journal’ imply, and how do I fix it? It seems to me to be a software, rather than a hardware problem, but any suggestions would be most appreciated to this highly frustrating boot problem. Thanks.