Help me balance my Homebrew Born-Lycanthrope Race please

I’ve built a homebrew race for born lycanthropes of different varieties. I’ve referenced the Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter class and NPC Werewolves while I was building it and used my imagination for some of the other strains of Lycanthropy (Weredrake, Bat, Etc.)
I had two aims while making this race. My first aim was to have all the different types be obviously part of the same group but all offer something a little different in terms of their flavor and what they offer mechanically. The second aim was to really convey that Lycanthropy was both a powerful gift and an impractical curse in the life of a person, but as a born lycanthrope they could slowly learn to control it over time if they wished to try, and as a result function more normally in everyday life. Could you help me get to a point where benefits and drawbacks are well balanced and suggest any points where some more flavor might be needed to explain some mechanical decisions? The aim, while making sure the class isn’t too OP is to have some really strong abilities that balance out with some big drawbacks rather than nerfing it to have small benefits and small drawbacks.

Link to the class page on DND Beyond is Here.

Many Thanks