Help me crash my Mac

My MacBook Pro has been crashing for months, at least once a day most days.

I blame it on overheating seeing as it reached 100°C on several occasions when it shut down.

Last time I took it to a repair shop, they were not able to reproduce the issue. They showed me some tests they ran that showed the laptop ran successfully for hours, despite the heavy number-crunching.

It seems to crash at random, e.g.:

  • With only four tabs open in Firefox… I close one of them and the laptop shuts down! (Happens very often when I would close a tab.)
  • While, on the contrary, with 10 YouTube videos open playing at the same time, and prime95 (a number-crunching program) running, the ventilation would be loud for sure, but the laptop would not crash.

Hence the question:

How can I cause the laptop to overheat on demand?

Any ideas of things to run?

I’d like to stress the different components. This would help me or a repair shop diagnose the issue.

Optional. More details for those interested.

  • The laptop is a MacBook Pro 15″ from 2014.
  • I had a battery issue: macOS said the battery needed to be replaced. So I went to a shop (in Hungary) and got the battery replaced. In passing, I asked them to clean it up (dust + new thermal paste.)
  • …the overheating problems started then. I took it back to the shop, but they could not get it to crash. They said it might be a software issue, which left me a bit dubious.
  • Cmd-Option-P-R did not help.
  • I finally reinstalled macOS (clean reinstall, formatted the drive, installed Mojave), and no difference.
  • Running Apple Diagnostic (holding D on reboot) did not help (zero issue detected.)
  • It usually crashes in the evening… (I don’t think it ever crashed in the morning), as if the heat sort of accumulated.
  • I have dual boot with Windows (thanks to Bootcamp.) I can play GTA V or Fallout 3 in it and it will NOT crash.

Thanks a bunch for the help.

I help 