help me create a char inspired in Illidan stormrage 5e

i love the apparence of illidan, but i seems like impossible to copy, and your abbilityes is awelsom, i have bit of ideas, but my build never fits right, i need help to build, for those who don’t know him

1 – is an dual wield nigth elf, whith horns and devil wings.

my idea:(warlock have Alter Self at will to create horns or Sorcerer have wings, draconic but similar, but bolth is mutually exclusive.)

2- have huge attack speed, huge damage and he doesn’t wear armor.

my idea is use class with extra attack or barbarian retaliation and things like arcane armor, draconic resilience or Unarmored Defense

3- skills: the bets skill is metamorphosis can turn-self in to a demon my idea is use true polymorph in my-self

Fire Aura (DH in WoW, as well as certain talents in HotS and a main basic ability in WC3, a DoT dealing aura for fire damage)

My idea: fire shield


My idea: rogue or monk have evasion, but i think only a high CA is enouth, like 18-20, arcane armor seems enouth.

if anyone knows how to do it, especially how it looks, would like to play with a drow with wings and horns, please help me build it.